Lotto Stadio Potenza Luca Toni 300

“I’ve had an amazing career and every goal has been special.”

Those were the heartfelt words of Luca Toni as he notched goal number 300 in December, leading his side to victory once again. Only right, then, that he should have a boot every bit as special as all those goals. So, in respect of a decade-strong relationship with the big Italian, Lotto has produced a unique design to honour his achievement. Resplendent in red and yellow, the Luca Toni 300 edition of the Stadio Potenza features exclusive branding across the heels to mark out a true goal machine on the pitch.

Be quick if you want to secure a pair of limited edition,
handcrafted Luca Toni 300 boots.

Only 300 pairs available globally:
250 - Dote Inmovimento campaign.
49 - Exclusive to Pro-Direct Soccer.
1 - Luca Toni.




Dote INMOVIMENTO - Giving in Motion

The Toni 300 isn’t just about celebrating one of the finest goalscorers in Italy’s history, it’s also an opportunity to give the strikers of the future a leg-up on the ladder to greatness. In partnership with Assosport – the Italian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers – Lotto is donating 250 of the 300 pairs of Luca’s signature boot to children as part of an initiative to get more 6 to 11 year olds involved in sport. The ‘Dote InMovimento’ or ‘Giving in Motion’ campaign works with children in the Veneto region of Italy, giving them the opportunity to play sport in a welcoming, fun environment. By giving young footballers the chance to play in the boots of their hero, Lotto and Luca aren’t just donating footwear, they’re starting dreams.

Luca Toni


Full Name:

Date of Birth:

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Luca Toni

26 May 1977

Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy

1.93m (6ft 4in)


Composed, clinical and physical, Luca Toni is one of the most prolific strikers Italy has ever produced. Strong and powerful in the air, there is no better exponent of how to head the ball. With an enviable goal-to-game ratio, this opportunistic poacher has scored wherever he’s played after making his name at Palermo, where his 30 goals propelled them back to Serie A after an absence of more than three decades. Successful stints at Fiorentina, Bayern Munich and Roma followed, as he went on to pick up the European Golden Boot in 2006, along with a Bundesliga title and Top Scorer trophy in 2008. More than 300 career goals (and counting – top scorer in Italy again for 2014/15!) and a World Cup triumph in 2006 with the Azzurri have guaranteed his iconic status.



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