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We’ve gone deep into our colossal Fan Store to pull out shirts from Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and Europe to celebrate a season where designers ripped off the shackles and went in hard in what is arguably one of the most creative years of football shirt design. From the best of performance to some of the most obscure designs that hit that Jersey Culture meets Off-Pitch space. Let’s do this…


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25: Lille Home

The rise of New Balance back into the football replica game has been a welcomed sight. A Premier League title with Liverpool and a French title with Lille isn’t bad work, is it? The latest design for the Ligue 1 champions is a slick design finished with a lovely little collar. Into it.

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24: West Ham Home

Anything that had a fold-over collar was making this list. Let’s get that right straight away. Stick a Double Diamond on there and a sprinkle of 90s goodness and you’ve got yourself a winner. The sleeves, shoulders and clean sponsor have us massively on board with West Ham this season.

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23: Wolfsburg Home

For a home shirt, this is ballsy. And that’s why we like it. The simplistic club crest and sponsor on top of a busy graphic display hits that perfect balance of respecting tradition of the home shirt whilst keeping it interesting and fresh. This should be higher, shouldn’t it?

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22: Bayern Munich Third

Honestly, third shirts are where it’s at. Brands have almost run out of traditions and inspirations and now they’re having to make new ones, and the third shirt is the perfect canvas for experimenting. Inspired by Munich’s Alpine backdrop, the Bayern third shirt delivers.

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21: Man City Away


How many times has an ugly sponsor ruined a beautiful football shirt? Big shoutout to Etihad here for the fact that they’ve let PUMA match their logo with the colours of the shirt to create a kit that drops in clean. A seriously underrated 21/22 Premier League jersey.

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20: Arsenal Away


Emirates might sponsor 82% of any club that's ever kicked a ball, but credit where it's due, they're versatile when it comes to shirt design which helps create some aesthetically pleasing kits. Any yellow Arsenal away kit was always going to make this list, but that stripped back club crest sneaks it into our top 20.

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19: PSG Third


Black kits, man. That suit of stealth to turn up on opposition territory and sneak out the back door with 3 points without them even seeing you. Love them. A central badge and a reverse Swoosh on the sleeve. Do you know what, if we weren’t also gonna feature two more PSG kits on this list then the third shirt would be breaking into that top 10.

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18: RB Leipzig Third


RB Leipzig have smashed it this year. We could’ve picked any of their 3 shirts for this list but we’ve plumped for the third shirt. Why? Because it’s got that mixed Slush Puppy feel and it’s our list so that’s a perfectly valid reason. Disagree? Slide a note under our desk. Yep, still hiding.

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17: Marseille Away


As if it’s not difficult enough in life to save money people keep coming out with beautiful new kits that we’d like, nay, have to buy. Seriously PUMA, there’s a global pandemic, do us all a favour and just churn out something boring.

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16: AC Milan 3rd

While others were asking why, PUMA were asking why not. And that, for us, is exciting. The PUMA 21/22 Third Shirts are growers, but you’re not allowed to admit that until you delete those knee-jerk tweets you posted calling them Pro Evo training tees. The AC Milan one is the pick of the bunch for us, because, well… black kits init.

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15: Orlando Pirates Home


Has this shirt just made the top 15 because their badge is a skull and crossbones? Yes, but let us elaborate. It’s got a skull and cross bones on the back of the neck and a subtle print running across the chest. So yeah, mainly about the skull and cross bones. 

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14: Man United Away


Another blast of throwback goodness as the Manchester United 21/22 away shirt takes inspiration from the away jersey worn three decades earlier from 1990-92. A smart release, although United could release a bin bag this season and fans would still get Ronaldo 7 printed on it wouldn’t they?

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13: Frankfurt Home


If you’re getting a bit tired of black kits on this list then we make absolutely no apology. This is one deadly looking shirt. Black base with blood red trim and a club crest that looks like some kind of Pokemon on steroids. Even the name Eintracht Frankfurt sounds aggressive. That fold over collar is sharp, too. Our favourite Bundesliga kit this season.

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12: Club America Away


We talk about how football shirts have broken into that Off-Pitch space and how Jersey Culture is changing how designers design kits in that they think as much as how a shirt will look on the streets as they do on a players back on pitch. Well, Club America have been doing that for years. For us, Jersey Culture is still wearing a shirt that others ask you what it is, and that’s what this is.

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11: Barcelona Away


Just about missing out on a place in our top ten is the Barcelona away shirt. It’s beautiful. Some clubs can just pull it off, and Barcelona, even without Messi, are still very much one of those clubs. Your mum likes this one.

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