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Step up while the opposition is locked down. That’s the mindset for Lockdown 3.0 in the UK. With most levels of competitive football being put on hold for now, January presents an opportunity for the motivated to overtake those who will hit pause. Whether you’re looking to return to the pitch sharper, fitter and stronger than ever, or simply wanting to clear your head in a testing time, get out there and keep at it, you’ll feel better for it.

Here we’ve picked out 10 of the very best training essentials to help you power through the cold and dark nights of January and February and come out of the other side ready to tackle a non-stop football schedule. Stay strong and reap the rewards when football gets going again. 



Back in 2011 we all had a little laugh at Carlos Tevez arriving in Manchester wearing a snood in games. Now, we’re not being over dramatic when we say this, but once you’ve worn a snood to training you feel naked without one. Doubles up as a face mask too. Nike, adidas and PUMA snoods are all in stock with prices starting at £13. Shop all Snoods here.



Gone are the days of bulky, wooly gloves on pitch. Save those for the Saturday afternoon postponements that’ll see you get dragged along on another lockdown walk by the other half. What we’ve got now are ultra-streamline outfield player gloves that are insulated, have grip and keep your hands warm enough to take a throw-in. See them as an extension of your base-layer. If you’re doing a bit of lockdown road running, they’re a must. Prices start from £12 and you can take your pick from club branded to reflective to Hyperwarm. Shop all Gloves here.

Running Shoes

With not a lot of football to play, your running shoes become your new boots. They also become your lifeline, your pass to get out the house, an escape from the same faces you’re locked up inside with all day. When it comes to the comfort and stability of running shoes, you need the best. Look after your legs if you’re road running, you want to stay fit for football, not injure yourself. Sort yourself out with the latest styles and it might even give you the motivation to use them more often. Shop all Running Shoes here.



This little dynamo is a handful of heaven. Theragun offers players the technology to activate and recover muscles before and after exercise. If it’s a tight quad or tired calf, the Theragun can help free it up and get you ready for your next session that little bit quicker. Ideal to keep your muscles active if you’re on the sofa a fair bit. They come in a range of sizes and price points. Shop all Theraguns here.



Once you’ve worn leggings to training you can never go back. Obviously wear football shorts over the top of them, you’re not your Uncle Alan running a charity 5km. Keep the cold off and your run becomes enjoyable, not a 30 minute torture session of freezing wind chills. Shop all Leggings here.



No brainer this one. Alright, you might look hard going for a run in shorts and t-shirts in the middle of January, but you’ll also look cold, and a little bit psycho. Baselayers come in a range of options, including long sleeve, short sleeve, vests, shorts and leggings and even the choice of tighter or looser fitting style. Prices start from £15, and when the temperatures drop it'll be the best £15 you've spent on your football wardrobe. Shop all Baselayers here.

Drill Tops

When you’re buying a top for running in it makes sense to get something you can run in but also wear to training when restrictions let you. Rather than opt for a running specific jacket it’s probably best to go for a football one. Pro:Direct Soccer is the home of choice so flick through all brands and check out the latest winter styles for 2021. Shop all Drill Tops here.

Anti-Clog Football Boots


If you’re keeping away from the hard surfaces of road running and are managing to get out in daylight then you’ll be on the grass. With January comes rain, frost, snow and heavy pitches. You don’t want to be picking mud out of your soleplates, especially if you’re wearing gloves. Nike’s Anti-Clog technology stops mud sticking to the soles of your boots. Prices start from £50. Done. Shop all Anti-Clog Boots here.

Agility Accessories

While road running keeps you ticking over, you can't beat getting your boots on and getting on the grass for some more football-specific training. Hook yourself up with everything from speed ladders, to cones to mini-goals to make your sessions more enjoyable. Shop all Agility Accessories here.
There's light at the end of the tunnel. Stay sharp, stay safe and come back stronger with Pro:Direct Soccer. Shop the full collection of Winter Essentials here.