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Terms & Conditions



1. These terms ('Terms') set out the terms and conditions which apply to the Pro-Direct Sport Ltd Clubhouse Loyalty Scheme ('Scheme').  Your participation in the Scheme means that you accept, and agree to abide by, these Terms.
2. References to 'you' mean you as a member of the Scheme. References to 'we', 'us', 'our', ‘Pro:Direct  or 'PDS' are to the provider of the Scheme, which is Pro-Direct Sport Limited.
3. Pro:Direct Sport Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales, company number 04245687.  Our registered office is at Torre House, Shaldon Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon, England, TQ12 4PQ.
4. These Terms supplement our website terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions) which you can find here, our privacy policy (Privacy) which you can find here and our cookie policy (Cookies) which you can find here.

Club Membership 
5. To qualify for, and to participate in the Scheme the Club must be a registered account holder on Pro:Direct Sport ( our “Websites”) and have created a Shop in Clubhouse (“Clubshop”). 
6. A Club qualifying for membership of the Scheme will automatically be enrolled as a Member on making the Club’s first Clubhouse purchase.
7. To earn Loyalty Points the Club Admin or any affiliated Member of your Clubhouse Club (a “Points Earning Member” or “Member”) must make a Qualifying Purchase. 
8. Points earned will only be available for redemption by the Club account to which the Loyalty Points were credited.  The Points and account of any single Club cannot be combined with another Club account.
9. Your Club will only be able to earn and redeem Loyalty Points within the Scheme if you are registered and logged in to your Club account when you make purchases. Points will not be able to be applied retrospectively for purchases or transactions made outside the Scheme.

Individual Participation – Points Earning Member
10. To participate in the Scheme you must be a registered account holder on our Websites and affiliated to a Club within the Pro:Direct Clubhouse (“Clubhouse”) as a Member.  
11. You will join the Scheme as a Points Earning Member when you link your registered account with a Clubhouse Club.
12. If you are under 18 you must ask your parents or guardians before you participate in the Scheme.  By participating in the Scheme, you are confirming that you have received the consent of a parent or legal guardian. PLEASE NOTE that all minors are recommended to discuss these terms and conditions with their parents or guardians before they complete the registration process.  
13. You will only be able to participate in the Scheme if you are registered and logged in to your registered account when you make purchases.  Points will not be able to be applied retrospectively for past purchases or transactions made.
14. To earn Loyalty Points for your Club, you must make a Qualifying Purchase. Loyalty Points earned on a Qualifying Purchase will be credited to the Clubhouse Club with which your Pro:Direct Account is affiliated at the time the purchase is completed.


Earning Loyalty Points 
1. For each and every £1 you spend on any Qualifying Purchase from our Websites, your affiliated Club will be awarded 5 Loyalty Points as pending points ('Pending Points'). Pending Points become confirmed points ('Confirmed Points') on the 30th day after your purchase was placed, provided no returns have been made.
2. Qualifying Purchases made in any currency other than Great Britain Pounds (GBP) will use the Loyalty Points rate defined for the currency.
3. Your Club will only receive 5 Pending Points for every full pound (£) you spend. For example, if you spend 99p, your Club will not receive any points, if you spend £1.50, your Club will only receive 5 Pending Points and if you spend £2, your Club will receive 10 Pending Points. 
4. Confirmed Points will be removed from your Club account if they have not been redeemed within 15 months of being credited to your account. You will be notified via your Club Account dashboard and/or email notification 30 days before your Confirmed Points are due to expire.
5. Loyalty points can only be earned on Qualifying Purchases.
6. Pro:Direct may cancel, withdraw or alter any aspect of the Scheme at any time, including these Terms & Conditions and any Scheme account, without notice.
7. Business use of the Scheme (e.g., purchasing product for the purpose of reselling) is strictly prohibited and will be considered abuse. Pro:Direct reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine whether a purchase is business use either at the point of purchase or retrospectively.
8. Pro:Direct reserves the right in its sole discretion to take any action it deems appropriate, including terminating or suspending a Club Scheme and/or account and/or removing any points earned if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the Scheme in any way.

Loyalty Scheme – A Qualifying Purchase 
9. A Scheme qualifying purchase ('Qualifying Purchase') is when you are logged into your account at the time of purchase and spend a minimum of £1 except for any of the following:
       a. initial purchase to set up a Clubshop (subsequent purchases through the Clubshop are Qualifying Purchases)
       b. purchases of any items that we have excluded from the Scheme at our sole discretion, including but not limited to products fulfilled through our Partners;
       c. delivery charges

Loyalty Scheme – A Qualifying Points Redemption  
10. A qualifying Scheme Points redemption order ('Qualifying Points Redemption Order') is when:
       a. a Club Account spends a minimum of £5 with Pro:Direct Sport on specified categories of products and, 
       b. the order contains only products eligible for points redemption and
       c. you are logged into your Club Account at the time of purchase.

Redeeming Loyalty Points 
11. Scheme Points can be redeemed by the Club account to which the points have been credited once a minimum Confirmed Points Balance of 500 points has been reached for redemption against a Qualifying Points Redemption Order in blocks of 500 points 
12. Scheme Points will be redeemed at the rate of 500 points equating to a £5.00 (GBP) discount. 
13. Scheme Points can be redeemed against purchases of made on our Website only. Points are not redeemable for cash. 
14. Where Scheme Points are redeemed against an order being placed in another currency (not GBP), Points will be redeemed at the rate defined for that currency.
15. Scheme Points may only be redeemed on the following product categories fulfilled by Pro:Direct:
        a. Teamwear
        b. Training equipment
        c. Balls
        d. Bags
16. Pro:Direct reserves the right to amend the redemption product categories and the redemption rates for Points .
17. Scheme Points can only be redeemed by the Club to which they were credited and provided the total value of the qualifying order, excluding Delivery Charges, is at least as much as the value of the points you wish to redeem.
18. Scheme Points can be used in conjunction with non-exclusive marketing promotions and promo codes.
19. Scheme Points must be redeemed before their expiry date which is 15 months after the date they were confirmed.
20. Scheme Points cannot be used in conjunction with staff discount codes or redeemed on items fulfilled by a Pro:Direct Partner.

21. Scheme Points will be classed as pending for 30 days after completing a purchase (the 'Returns Period') and then will 'clear' and be added to your accounts as Confirmed Points on the 31st day provided Pro:Direct receives the total payment for that purchase and no returns are made by the original customer during the Returns Period.
22. If, during the Returns Period, any purchased items are returned for a full or partial refund, the Pending Points that have been earned will be deducted to reflect any returns made.
23. If an item is returned outside the Returns Period once Confirmed Points have been added, it is within Pro:Direct’s discretion as to whether your return is accepted. If it is accepted, we will deduct the equivalent number of Confirmed Points to reflect any returns made. This may result in negative Confirmed Points. 
24. When a purchase is returned or cancelled and Scheme Points were used as full or part payment, only the cash value paid will be refunded and any Points redeemed will be forfeited.

Bonus Points 
25. From time to time at the discretion of Pro:Direct, there may be opportunities to earn bonus points in addition to the standard Points earned on eligible purchases. Bonus points can be earned via special offers, which are advertised via email and on the Scheme information page.
26. From time to time at the discretion of Pro:Direct, there may be opportunities to redeem points at a bonus rate. These special offers will be advertised via email and on the Scheme information page.
27. If you want to benefit from bonus point or redemption offers, you will need to comply with the applicable terms and conditions for that offer, which we will communicate to you at that time.

28. Club accounts registered with Clubhouse will be registered automatically for Clubhouse and Scheme email communications; including but not limited to – updates on points balance and points expiry; bonus points offers and other marketing communications.
29. Individual Members may choose to opt into marketing communications via “My Account” where Preferences can be updated.
30. As an individual Member, you may opt-out of receiving Scheme emails and still be part of the Scheme to earn Loyalty Points for your Club. You can make any adjustments to your email communication preferences at any time by logging into ‘My Account’, selecting Communication Preferences and updating. It may take up to 24 hours before the request becomes effective.