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Hyperice - Ice Compression Pack - Extended Shoulder (Right)

  • Cryotherapy combined with compression technology for ultimate injury repair and performance enhancement. The shoulder ice compression pack device provides optimal therapy for all shoulder injuries.
    Hyperice – Prevent. Recharge. Recover.

    The use of ice, or cryotherapy, for musculoskeletal injuries has been a primary treatment approach used by healthcare providers for many years. Today, cryotherapy use continues to be a proven and beneficial aide to managing soft tissue injury.

    Cryotherapy is an effective method for reducing inflammation and pain and as a means for speeding up recovery time. The Hyperice Ice Compression Technology (ICT) devices are portable, simple-to-use tools that deliver effective cryotherapy.

    Each Hyperice ICT device is composed of 2 parts:

    1. Ice Cell with Air Release Technology: The Ice Cell provides the "cold" component by harnessing the power of real ice which is loaded into the Ice Cell each time the Hyperice is used.

    2. Compression Wrap: Each Hyperice compression wrap is designed to apply maximum pressure to the Ice Cell, pushing all excess air to the surface so it can be released from the Ice Cell.

    The patented Air Release Valve removes excess air from the ice cell. This enables the compression wrap to apply pressure to the ice which allows the ice to conform to the body and form an "ice cast" around the desired body part. This Air Release Technology increases compression, surface contact and surface area of the ice- resulting in a greater depth of penetration of cold into the body's soft tissue.

    The Extended shoulder device offers all the same features and benefits as the regular shoulder device but it has double the coverage area.

    The compression wrap is sleek, compact, and comfortable. It is designed for rotator cuff repair for athletes who throw, swing, or strike whilst it also delivers AC joint relief post-impact for the combative athletes.

    The shoulder ice compression pack provides optimal cold therapy for: Rotator cuff tendonitis/tears, AC joint pain, strained tendons, bursit
    • 3mm premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish
    • Non restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing
    • Provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit
    • Can also be positioned on the shin (shin splints) and the calf (calf strains)
    • Machine Washable

    • Built in air release valve enables maximum compression
    • Ultra-thin, durable cell "skin" for rapid cold transfer and depth of penetration
    • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body's contours, maximizing the points of contact
    • Antimicrobial cell "skin" prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi)
    • Easy to load, wide mouth opening
    • Built in water tight seal provides resistance against leaks
    • Flange collar design locks ice cell into place for stability
    • 10" X 10" icing surface area
    • Quick Ref: 103713
    • Man. Ref: 10052001-00