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Gants Sells Axis 360 Supersoft 3 Enfant - Blanc/Bordeaux/Noir

  • The Axis 360 Supersoft3 junior goalkeeper gloves follow in the brands famous tradition of outstanding quality and use their renowned world-class latex.
    The Axis 360 Supersoft3 junior gloves is part of the new Sells Axis range which showcases the performance features of the famous Wrap series but with a few key differences. The Supersoft3 Palm has latex which is 4mm natural latex palm for optimum grip and durability in all conditions.

    An Anti-Twist Zone wrist-strap helps ensures the wrist stays secure inside the bandage and the palm does not twist during play. Over time the elasticity of normal bandage wrist-bands become loose. With Sells Anti Twist Zone the elasticity of the wristband remains constant.

    The Axis 360 Supersoft3 junior goalkeeper gloves are designed to be flexible when closing a fist providing the hands a full range of movements.
    • Quick Ref: 82097