• Football has changed. The F50s, Predators, Nitrocharge, 11Pro, all gone. Football has something new. Complete innovation. A fresh start. It's a revolution!

Berlin Live: Insights with the experts



Day 2 at 'The Base' and it's all about the football revolution. We caught up with adidas senior product manager Dave Surace who guided us through the ACE15, X15 and the Messi15. Here is what he had to say.

What element of the new ACE15 shoe are you most pleased with?

Well there are a lot of new things on the shoe right; the CTRL Skin, a whole new layout for the outsole but if I were to pick one out on the boot it would be how the whole shoe comes together as one thought. Every part of this shoe has been designed with control in mind, be it for ball control, the control of the fit around the heel and the product really is one expression of control.

What kind of player style does the ACE suit?

The ACE player is the playmaker. The player in the team who is silently confident and doesn’t feel the need to show off. We’ve based this product not just on the player style but what that player is motivated by and why they’re playing football.

So this is just the beginning of the revolution, what can we expect to see in the near future for adidas football?

Wow good question, even more to put it simply. I think you’re going to be surprised, this is only the first step in resetting adidas football and I can promise you that it’s going to get even better. We’re going to do things bigger and there are plenty more surprises in store as we take it to the next level!

Where there any aspects of previous silos that were intentionally or unintentionally carried over to X & ACE?

Well when you start things over, we tried looking at things as clearly and objectively as possible. Hey look, were a brand like football and it’s hard to move completely away from the past. There is always going to be that adidas DNA and lifeblood that all our products. It was almost unavoidable that there would be some of that rich history that would carry over.

Can you explain the inspiration behind the graphic on the side of the X15 boot?

See that’s interesting because it isn’t actually a graphic, it’s a fit frame which is part of the design and reinforcement frame which is meant to tie the upper into the tooling. The shoe is made up of two parts, a lateral and medial side which are actually slightly different in detail. The lateral side is more supportive whereas the medial side is adaptive, so when you’re ready to make your next move you have the free ability to do so. So just to reiterate my point, it’s more than a graphic it was purpose built.

Why have you placed the adidas logo on the heel of the X15?

We designed the X to work first. As we started to build up the X-FRAME and connect it to the tooling we realised that wasn’t really any space for the traditional three stripes. This went hand in hand with our mission which was to focus on function first, so we really only had one place to put the branding which was the heel.

What was the decision behind creating Messi his own stand-alone silo?

We had to. We simply couldn’t categorise Lionel as either X or ACE, he is a combination of both silos at the highest level possible.

Over the course of the development process how much time did Messi spend with yourself and the team?

He saw sketches before we made anything, he saw and tested prototypes so his involvement was very high. It came down to minor details such as stud configuration, how to develop this material to how soft and subtle is it and colourways. It was the right thing to do, we were starting over and we wanted to make sure this was the perfect boot to fit all his needs.

Now what times kick off?