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“When you have a team that’s a mix of both types, both ideas, it gives you a big advantage”

Chaos and control. If you can successfully merge these two seemingly conflicting ideals, you’re a significant step closer to creating a truly great team. At least, that’s the view of one of the most forward-thinking managers in world football.

Pep Guardiola knows a bit about soccer. As a former treble-winning coach of Barcelona and current occupant of the Bayern Munich hotseat, the innovative Spaniard’s approach to the game is lauded by his players, his peers, and the hundreds of thousands of fans that have witnessed football played in a style like nothing seen before. So when he’s personally involved in the development and promotion of a new range of boots, it’s worth taking notice.

And, typical Pep, not only does he describe how great the boots are, he explains why they’re so good too. See, you need different types of players for different areas of the pitch. Most of the time, you want control; you want players to analyse the current state of play and decide how best to carry out the orders of the coach. That’s control: the ACE. But in the final fifteen or twenty metres of the pitch, you need to be unpredictable. More defenders in close proximity means less time to make a decision. So players have to act on instinct; they have to be free to make their own decisions, with no limits. That’s chaos: the X.

Both are equally important. Both are vital parts of a winning team. But which are you?