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The pro players in the adidas camp have already declared their allegiance,
but which are you?



Chaos or control. X or ACE. That’s the choice on offer with the revolutionary new range of boots from adidas. And although it’s helpful to read about how the two types of player differ and absorb all the marketing material, sometimes it’s more telling to see which boot the pros go for, so let’s take a look.

So far, Oscar, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Alexandre Lacazette, Morgan Schneiderlin and Daley Blind have each taken to social media to announce their chosen side. Oscar, Schneiderlin, and Blind have gone for the control of the ACE, while Lavezzi and Lacazette have fallen into chaos with the X. As the only player without a clearly defined offensive or defensive role, Oscar’s probably the most interesting of that list, preferring the crushing inevitability of the ACE to the unscripted brilliance of the X.

It’ll be worth keeping an eye out to see which of the two designs other top players decide to favour, so stay tuned to social media and Pro-Direct Soccer for the latest scoop.