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Grip 3

Meeting the demands of the modern pro keeper Meeting the demands of the modern pro keeper

The Vapor Grip 3 is the first to feature Nike's new 4mm Contact Plus foam which is designed to be more reactive in wet weather conditions, matching its dry weather performances for greater consistency. The glove still benefits from the impressive patented Grip3 technology which wraps around the thumb, forefinger and pinky, maximising grip and control. Comfort, reactivity and breathability have all been improved making it easy to see why it’s the choice of professional’s such as Jack Butland.


New 4mm Contact Plus foam offers a softer touch for consistent grip in all conditions as well as superior shot impact absorption.


Laser etched Sipe Grip technology helps draw away any external moisture collected on the palm surface, enhancing grip in all weather conditions.


Lightweight mesh ventilation on the outside thumb gusset, middle fingers and backhand offers enhanced airflow and breathability that optimises comfort.

Internal grip

Nike Touch Tactile Nodes on the inside of the glove ensure a snug, slip-free fit while enhancing ball feel.


An elasticated entry with a latex strap provides a comfortable fit that is easy to adjust on the field.

Wrist strap

An elasticated entry with a latex strap provides a comfortable fit that is easy to adjust on the field.



Jack Butland is one of the best young keepers in the game today. His performances for Stoke last season were way beyond his years and they earned him some rave reviews. As preparations for the new season got underway, we caught up with the 23 year old for a quick chat about what it’s like to have the support of Nike, both on your hands and behind the scenes.

PDS - How long have you been wearing Nike gloves?

JB - I've been wearing them now for close to four years. I first started wearing them when I was at Birmingham and I've worn them ever since.

PDS - What’s the best part of being part of the Nike team?

JB - For me there’s nothing like it. The service, the quality of the equipment and what you get, and they really want to push you forward as well. It’s not just the kit. Especially this season, they’ve really helped me get through it and helped me get to where I am really.

PDS - Do you wear in your gloves?

JB - For a Saturday game I get them out on the Thursday and wear them a little bit, wear them all of Friday then, for me, they’re ready to go. That's just my personal preference.

PDS - How do you keep your concentration levels if you're in a quiet game?

JB - For me it's never been difficult because I just keep talking, I just never stop talking during the game and that just helps me stay switched on. I'm always thinking about my positioning, where I am. And little things like, even if the ball is way up the other end, just still being in touch with the back four, letting them know which side or shoulder the striker's on, little things like that, it just makes me stay in contact with the game and it keeps you prepared for whatever's coming.

PDS - Finally, what does the future hold for Jack Butland?

JB - Hopefully a lot of success! I’m looking forward to getting fully fit from this injury now and then I want to have another solid season and keep pushing on. I want to play at the top, so they're all the things that I'm looking forward to and really working hard to try and achieve.


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