What is Nike F.C?

What’s Nike F.C.? Why isn’t it on the internet? Or in a book or something? Why doesn’t your uncle–the mental one with the old kits, scribbled histories and endless conspiracies–why doesn’t he know about it? Or does he?

There’s nothing to know. Nike F.C. is not a team. It doesn’t have a billionaire owner with a weird moustache. There’s no bumbling board of directors. No prawn sandwiches in the executive suites. You’ll never hear its songs sung in the stands or see anyone kiss its badge. It doesn’t have a training ground. It will never play in a derby or for the league cup. The devil was its derby, its league in a ship’s hull. It trained on a layover just for the hell of it. It’s stolen the ball, broken through the wall and written the future. Pasadena ’94 to everywhere unseen and every time in between, it was there, hiding in plain sight.

Now it’s here, out of the shadows. Living legends who inspire cities and nations with the flick of a toe or the flip of a collar. And the next generation, born to be brilliant creators, fearless finishers, and defenders of boldness, on and off the pitch.

It doesn’t play football. It lives it.